[Ed and Elaine Brown]

Ed and Elaine Brown

A Profile in Government Tyranny

"It's all bogus charges. None of these charges are lawful...
'Live free or die,' what else can I say?"
--Ed Brown

Ed Brown thinks so.

"Show us the law, and we'll pay."

Ed Brown is receiving some national attention after barricading himself in his Plainfield, NH home since January 12, 2007, the day he and his wife Elaine were charged with conspiracy against the US government, income tax evasion and financial "structuring." After filing many motions - supporters say almost all were denied - Ed concluded that the judge was not going to allow Ed to defend himself or to have a fair trial.

Those who wish to obey the federal tax laws as they are written are by now familiar with how federal courts routinely deny "tax protestors" the right to defend themselves - often, even the Defendant's own words and publications are ordered excluded from evidence. The trial of Larken Rose in 2005 is a prime example of this; he was not even allowed to present in his defense the video he had made of his own research. Judges will even use the canard that such a defense will "confuse" the jury. Of course, if they allow defendants to show their research and the law, the jury may well come to the conclusion - just as Ed Brown has - that there is no law which makes an ordinary citizen liable for the income tax, and thus requires him or her to file and pay.

With this in mind, is it surprising that Mr. Brown has withdrawn from the kangaroo court and barricaded himself in his home? Although we are unaware of the details of the legal strategy Ed Brown has taken, SAPF highlights his struggle, as it will receive national attention, and provides a good opportunity to educate your friends and neighbors as to the corruption of the courts, and the unlawful application of the internal revenue laws.

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NOTE: Ed Brown was interviewed by the Xtreme Talk Radio Network on January 23rd, 2007. This interview is available online at www.xtremetalkradio.com.

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